Who is Lyra?

Our Livestock guardian dog.

Lyra is a cross between two breeds of livestock guardian dogs. Her father was a Karakachan, a breed that originated in Bulgaria. Her mother, a Maremma, an Italian breed. She was given to use as a pup in February of 2011 by our neighbors who keep these dogs to guard their herd of goats. From the beginning she has lived her life among the sheep, in the barn, in the pasture. She is gentle and friendly but takes her job of guarding the sheep very seriously.

In November of 2010 our flock of 10 sheep was attacked by coyotes. We lost 5 sheep to that attack. We were faced with the problem of protecting the remaining 5. We could only expect that the coyotes would be back for the rest. We could imagine no easy solution. Our neighbors, Henry and Priscilla Ireys, generously offered to give us a pup from a litter that would be born in just a few weeks. Lyra has been the perfect solution.